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Reindeer For December 1 December 1, 2015

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At Swanson’s nurserysquirrel 005

squirrel 008 look closely – it’s a camel

and the last of the tomatoes from my garden

birds 009


Thrillers With Attitude Literary Smorgasbord: Jon Miller

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Originally posted on thrillers with attitude:

If you have ever been anywhere near a writing group or book festival of any kind, you will know that writers come in all shapes and sizes, from big robust circles, to tiny stabby stars. They come in different flavours too, from cool, classic vanilla, to eyeball-exploding, triple-hot chilli sauce.

Thrillers With Attitude is on a mission to find out what makes these weirdly-shaped and strangely-flavoured writers tick.

My guest this week is poet, musician, teacher, and fellow presenter on Lochbroom FM, Jon Miller.

Hi Jon, welcome to the Literary Smorgasbord.

Tell me a little about yourself – where did you grow up?

 I spent the first seven years of my life in India and Africa: Mumbai and Kenya though there was also about a year spent in Zanzibar. My father was a banker; my mother busied herself being a mother. We lived the colonial life in the dying…

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The Irish Harvest

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Originally posted on Locksands Life:

I am so pleased I visited the west coast of Ireland back in 1971. That is now more than 44 years ago, but in terms of what I saw, it was like stepping back  another 40 years on that. I, of course, speak as a person brought up in the prosperous South of England. The West of Ireland really was a case of the past being a foreign country.

Here we have a couple of chaps gathering the harvest, by hand.

image002 They are gathering cut corn and producing a bundle of it which we’d call a sheaf. With a few lengths of the same crop they bound the bundle so that it stayed together.


The bundles could then be stood up in what I have heard call stocks, stooks, shocks or shooks.


On some farms the stooks (that’s what I always call them) were arranged with the seed heads down…

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Famous Pioneering Women

Beryl Markham – aviator, horse trainer, writer

97803 circling the sun


A marvelous book.  I have read so much about Karen Blixen/Isak Dinesen. Elspeth Huxley, Beryl Matkham and others who made Kenya their home and played a special part in the history of this country.  I lived in Kenya for 2 years in the 1960’s.  This was well within the lifetime of Beryl Markham – but alas I never met her.

However I brushed history when I had tea at Karen Blixen’s home near the Ngong Hills.  This was long after Karen had sold her farm and left Kenya.  Her former home was temporarily being occupied by a Danish couple whom I knew through the University.  Little did I realize the role that house had played in the lives of the early settlers.

But when I lived in Kenya again in the early 1990’s, I did appreciate the history of the golf course I played on – Karen Country Club had once been Karen Blixen’s coffee plantation.




Revolutionary War Icons

In searching my genealogy I’m finding a number of ancestors who served in the Revolutionary War.  Here are a couple of them.

fd327 revolutionary war icon            38d American soldier of 1776


Winter Sunshine November 29, 2015

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My friend one of the resident squirrels enjoying sunflower seeds – meant for the birds but the squirrels usually get there first.


squirrel 019

Later in the day the birds came but the sunshine was gone.

The cat was watching:       birds 007



The Dark Time November 28, 2015

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Northern lights in Svalbard northern Norway (internet photo)

We are now into the countdown to the Winter Solstice and then it’s Christmas.  Pitch dark at 6 a.m.  and then when I looked out at about 6:40 it was as if I was seeing the Northern Lights – a hint of yellow and green   along the horizon line.  Sunrise wasn’t due until 7:30.  Lovely.  A prelude to a clear and cold sunny day here in Seattle.



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