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Do You Want To Read “Good” Books? May 16, 2015

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What constitutes a good book?  Good for one person might be of no interest to another.  Given that deep thought, here are 2 more recommendations.

puppies 001  Another Sebastian Barry novel.  And it is a  good one for Sebastian Barry fans

cinco de mayo 023  Prague Winter – Madeleine Albright’s account of her wartime childhood – and so much more.  Incidently, yesterday May 15 was Madeleine Alnright’s 78th birthday.  Now we are the same age.  It is so interesting to read an excellent book book by a famous contemporary.  To compare her life and her perception of world events with my relatively sheltered life.


When All Else Fails May 14, 2015

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My default position for blog material – scarves.

Here’s another one (on the left) – I won’t bother to put a number to it for now.

nepal 002

and another one    Mother's Day 2015 062

and the latest, finished last night   puppies 019


Thor Seen Again

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Remember Thor wearing the Icelandic sweater?  Met while shopping in Fred Meyer.  Well, we met again today.  No picture today (darn) so here he is as seen a few weeks ago.       Latest scarf 006     Today he was still identified  by the fact that he was wearing the Icelandic sweater.  But his speech/voice sounded very American    not Icelandic.  Also, his mate called him by some name other than Thor.  I think there were other things slightly different – maybe the beard or a cap which showed a haircut.  I don’t know, but I was slightly suspicious of his story.  It doesn’t matter – he was friendly and fun.  He says now he is busy getting the boat ready to go fishing up in Alaska, and he’ll go back to Iceland in October.  We were sure we would see each other again – I’ll recognize him if he keeps wearing that gorgeous sweater!


The Bush Devil Ate Sam and 84 Charing Cross Road May 13, 2015

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The Bush Devil Ate Sam and 84 Charing Cross Road.


A Mysterious Uniform (at least to me)

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Can any Seattle people shed some light on this?

Originally posted on The Family Kalamazoo:

Remember the Culver family: my great-great grandfather’s sister, Jenny DeKorn Culver, and her daughters, Lela and Rhea, who moved from Kalamazoo to Seattle 100 years ago.

In the scrapbook which I received from a blog reader I found this photograph. Any ideas on the type of uniform? Since this would have been around the time of the end of WWI, does the uniform have to do with the war?

I don’t know who the man is. Most of the Culver photos are of women.

But the clues would leave me to believe the photo was taken in Seattle in or around 1918. But did Seattle have old elegant buildings like this at that time?

Culver scrapbook

What about the building? My first inclination was a church, but I don’t see any crosses. Are those rosettes for ornamentation?

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Parade of Hats May 6, 2015

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Hats of all colors, shapes, and sizes, from the 50’s, 60’s. 70’s, …….up to the present day.  It was a splendid array and a wonderful show organized by Marilyn Fuller, a member of our church (Ballard First Lutheran) in Seattle.

cinco de mayo 009  red hats, pink hats, yellow hats  with handbags and gloves to match

cinco de mayo 010 green hats, blue hats, with matching handbags and gloves

cinco de mayo 011 more blue hats and gloves and handbags

and the models were extraordinaire – only matched by the very appreciative audience – all wearing hats of course

cinco de mayo 018  model about to make her entrance

cinco de mayo 019  model on the catwalk making her tour

cinco de mayo 021 on the home stretch

cinco de mayo 012 the table settings were beautifulcinco de mayo 013

and the food delicious – missing pictures of the tasty salad, choice of quiche, and delicious raspberry dessert

It was such a fun luncheon – thoroughly enjoyed by one and all – ladies of 3 generations.


Scarf Knitting Project

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nepal 002 Another scarf  (the one on the left)



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