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Writing, Cats, And Dogs July 31, 2015

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morning 7 a m july 31 027  Ann Rule, true crime writer,  1931-2015

This photo was in the Seattle Times a few days ago.  I loved the image of Ann with her cat beside the typewriter and herdog by her side.  That’s what I aspire to.  I have the cat – getting a dog is on the to-do list.  I don’t want to be a famous writer of true crime nor do I fancy dying any time soon.  It’s the cat and the dog that I like as I sit at my computer and write about my ancestors.  No true crime there but you never know.  Genealogy is fun.


Lawn Bowling In Ireland

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What could be nicer on a fine summer’s day or evening?  The lawn bowling green is to the right in this aerial view of the Blackrock Bowling and Tennis Club in Dublin.  Sometimes I’m homesick for lawn bowling!!!


Oh What A Beautiful Morning………

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morning 7 a m july 31 036   7 a.m.  in my garden    morning 7 a m july 31 041

morning 7 a m july 31 035               morning 7 a m july 31 037

morning 7 a m july 31 038   Katerina is enjoying the freshness of the early morning      morning 7 a m july 31 032


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Originally posted on Kate Davies Designs:


I’m having one of those reflective mornings. I got up early to start knitting (I am making something special). With a cup of tea I watched for the hare that comes by our window at first light, and listened to the final chapters of Helen Macdonald’s H is for Hawk (worth reading). I think I might look back on these months and find them interesting: it seems a time of changes, some larger, some more subtle. In terms of my post-stroke well being, I think its interesting that I have recently felt some improvements in recovery: I find I do not need quite as much sleep as I did previously. That is to say, where I definitely needed ten to twelve hours to stay on an even keel, I find I can now just about get by with eight. Though I still have the odd day in which I’m laid…

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Alaska in the War – Lad is in the Army (1) – May, 1942

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Originally posted on "Greatest Generation" Life Lessons:

Trumbull, Conn., May 10, 1942

Dear boys:

Lad is in the Army.

At least that is what he announced after coming back from a trip to New York in which he applied successively but unsuccessfully for enlistment in the Naval Reserves, the Marines and the Coast Guard, failing in each to meet eyesight minimum requirements, so Wednesday he is off for Derby to see what happens.

Well naturally I am sorry for Lad’s sake that he did not get into the branch of the service he felt would interest him most. As I think the whole thing over, I believe I would

Alfred Peabody Guion

rather have it the way it is. Speaking from the viewpoint of a parent whose uppermost thought these days is the welfare of his sons, it would seem as though the Army is the best bet.

I reach this conclusion along the following line of…

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Thomas Davenport 1620-1685 7X Great Grandfather

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I have found the following on Ancestry.com:

From the Davenport DNA Project“The “original” Davenport can be traced back to Ormus De Davenport, (one of many spelling variations), alive at the time of the Norman Conquest around 1066 AD in the Cheshire area of England. Almost 800 years later, in 1851, Amzi Benedict Davenport published the first major Davenport genealogy. Although Amzi concentrated on his own line, the Rev. John Davenport, (founder of New Haven, Connecticut), he and others were able to document the line back to Ormus. Twenty five years later he published a newer updated edition. Today, except for a few minor instances, that research has stood the test of time. Because of Amzi’s research, it is Ormus that most Davenports hope to trace back to.     In the 1600’s, five Davenports resided in the Boston area. They were the Rev. John (1597-1670), Thomas “of Dorchester” (abt 1604-1685), Humphrey (bef 1622-abt 1680), Capt. Richard (abt 1606-1665), and Lancelot (abt 1594-?). All supposedly originated in England and shared the same family crest, but no genealogical link has been found to prove any connections.     One of the original goals of the Davenport Surname DNA Project was to determine if these five Davenport lines were related and, if any were descended from Ormus. In the project’s first year, we discovered Rev. John and Thomas shared a common ancestor, while Humphrey did not. Surprisingly, we also discovered that they match the descendents of Richard Davenport, born in England in 1642, and settling in Virginia and then Albemarle, North Carolina. We have not found descendents of Capt. Richard or Lancelot yet.     The next step was to confirm an English connection. In 2005 we began an extensive search for Davenports of known Cheshire ancestry. We found a few and some matched the Rev. John/Thomas/Richard lines. This was encouraging, we were on the right track. Finally, we were able to locate a Bromley-Davenport who was willing to donate his DNA.. The Bromley-Davenport’s are one of the few remaining lines with documentation back to Ormus.     The Bromley Davenports matched the others. This means the Rev. John, Thomas of Dorchester, Albemarle’s, and several other individuals of “unknown English ancestry” all have a common Davenport ancestor with the Bromley Davenports. It’s official now, DNA corroborated our common descent from Ormus De Davenport; but the who, where, and when – we don’t yet know. As more markers and participants become available, that day may come.”– – Posted on 5 Jun 2006

SOURCE: http://www.isogg.org/ “Success Stories” Page


Thomas Davenport (abt. 1615 England – 1665 MA) & Mary (abt. 1620 – 1691 MA)

Charles Davenport (1652 MA – 1720 MA) & Waitstill Smith (1658 MA – 1747 MA)

Thomas Davenport (1695 MA – ?) & Mary Woodward (1695 MA – ?)

Lemuel Davenport (1739 CT – 1818 VT) & Deborah Barrows (1739 MA – ?)

Daniel Davenport  (1764 MA – 1812 VT) & Hannah Rice (1767 VT – 1844 VT)

Amos Davenport (1793 VT – 1863 VT) & Lauretta Stockwell (1797 VT – 1885 VT)

George Davenport (1822 VT – 1912 VT) & Eleanor Smith (1830 VT – 1907 VT)

Birge Walter Davenport (1861 VT – 1939 MN) & Wilhelmina G. Swanson (1869 Norway – 1924 MN)




Charles Davenport 6X Great Grandfather 1662-1722

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All these Charles Davenports – 3 generations of them.  This 6X Great Grandfather Charles Davenport is buried in the Old Granary Burial Ground in Boston.       Charles Davenport Cemetery photo of the entrance to the Burial Ground.



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