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Hay Bales April 1, 2015

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This triggered many thoughts of hay bales in Ireland. Will write soon.

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Hay bales are my lily pads. I watch the light on them when I run: the angle, the strength, the warmth. Depending on the time of day, the season of year, the color of the sky, the life on the ground, the hay bales look different every day.

Growing up, I made the drive from Savannah to Athens a thousand times with my family. I always loved to see the hay bales in the fields, dotting the hills as if dropped with parachutes from the sky. Plopped wherever the bale happened to have enough hay and the baler strapped it up and abandoned it. There was no order. No pattern to the bales on the hills, but the bales themselves are so tidy. This appealed to me then and it appeals to me now, the tidiness of a bale of hay. Something that swayed in the wind and covered the…

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Scarf Number 30 March 31, 2015

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Scarf No. 30 is barely shown here on the needles    IMG_6500  I have actually finished the scarf but the photo is still in the camera.  Somehow I must have pressed the wrong button somewhere and the computer can no longer detect the camera.  I’ve been transferring photos for years, no problem.  Grr.  It’s very frustrating.  Funnily enough I’ve been having problems with our phone also.  The “authorities” have been notified but 3 days later the problems remain.  Incoming calls get directed to the answering machine and we only know that a call has come in if we see a winking red light.


Prisoner on the Kwai March 28, 2015

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Prisoner on the Kwai.


The March Of The Scarves

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IMG_6499 scarves 27 and 28, scarf 30 on the needles   IMG_6434  scarf no. 29


The River Shannon March 26, 2015

We saw the most amazing Nature program on KCTS9 last night.  The photography was absolutely amazing.  A gentle hushed approach to the River Shannon in all 4 seasons.  Made us think of David Cabot and Bill Oddie and the most famous of all Richard Attenborough.


It’s Spring

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Partial view of our garden in April 2011 – long before the big dig of 2014.

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A sunny morning here today and I have planted the contents of  two different seed packets.  Here’s hoping good things happen in the flowerbed.      I have to keep constant vigilance for weeds – they grow like crazy here. 

   view of the flowerbed from our back porch

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Signs Of Spring Today

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Today I saw a small butterfly, pale yellow bordering on white.  And the lilacs are starting to bloom in my neighborhood.  Pictures to follow.



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