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We Went Out to Lunch December 18, 2014

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IMG_4749 five friends met up for their 50th reunion from Middlebury College, Class of 1958



Sharing Memories

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IMG_4749 five friends met up at their 50th reunion from MiddleburyCollege, Class of 1958   (photo courtesy of Allen Hawthorne?)


The Cat Went Out into the big wide world December 17, 2014

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IMG_4733   a cautious look from the top of the stairs

I decided that the new cat had been confined to the house for long enough.  It was time to let her explore a bit – hopefully not too far and that she would come back from her adventures.

IMG_4734  half way down


IMG_4735  the rest of the way


IMG_4740  the cat came back


IMG_4742  but not before she showed that she could climb the fence and stroll along the top

IMG_4745  and disappear in the neighbor’s garden






Scarf Number 7, and other miscellany

IMG_4751  a pale/muted scarf this time

I know I wrote that I  was going to knit something different after I finished Scarf 6, but the the needles were nearby. as was the stash, and I just wanted to carry on with  another scarf.  Call it convenience, or call it compulsion – am I being influenced by another blogger, The Sock Lady – she (Lynne Rettburg) lives in the wilds of British Columbia and spins and knits beautiful multicoloured socks.

Last Sunday I went to the local monthly meeting of the Northwest Regional Spinners Association.  They meet once a month in the Ballard Library using the same venue as the weekly story reading for little ones.  So I knew the venue well and I had been to the spinners meeting once before two or three years ago.  I enjoyed the group but somehow what with one thing or another it took me a long time to return.  What is the saying?  Life intervened.

Life nearly intervened again.  Church in the morning, lunch, Ballard Farmers Market (had to skip this), assemble my knitting and arrive at the party minus my wheel an hour late.  This was a conscious decision since I had read somewhere (My Ballard weekly paper?) that it would be 0.k. to just knit at the meeting.  My wheel is getting heavier with the passing years!

When I arrived, a group of singers, dressed in red, were singing carols just outside the meeting room in the lobby of the library.  Lovely.  I entered the room, looked around, no familiar faces, couldn’t see any empty chairs.  Hmm.  Tried to feel confident since after all I was a member, although a lapsed one.  Soon, a person named Chantal came up to me and was very welcoming.  Another chair was fetched from the cupboard and I plunked myself down next to another very friendly woman named Miley.  After a refreshing plate full of festive goodies, Miley introduced me to each of the 10 plus members sitting in the circle.  All busy talking and spinning.  Needless to say this turned out to be a very enjoyable afternoon.  And next month I’ll make every effort to attend AND bring my spinning wheel.

Pictures to follow when I figure out how to post photos from my I-pad.


At Last – Scarf Number 6 Is Finished December 14, 2014

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2nd from the left

I’m a bit short of time at the moment but I’ll put up the picture at least.


Another Post Card from Norway December 4, 2014

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The cancellation stamp on this postcard is dated July 12 1905 and it is written from Bergen.  In the lower left hand corner it says Laatefos, Odde i hardanger.  One section of the road along the Hardanger Fjord runs from Laatefos to Odde.  There are some wonderful photos of this area taken around 1900.  Check out this site from the Library of Congress.

  address side of 1905 postcard

On our cycling trip in 1959, we cycled along for about 7 miles along the Hardanger Fjord in order to reach our youth hostel.  After a couple of nights there we proceeded to Eidfjord and stayed in an old school house.  The next day we loaded our bicycles onto the top of a bus and rode up up up to the top of the plateau and proceeded to Geilo.  It snowed that day – in July.  From Geilo we cycled to…

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Summer Days in Norway December 3, 2014

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Dreaming of a trip to Norway next summer.

Originally posted on Janet's thread:

  I quite like this 1905 postcard from Norway.  It makes me think of living 100 years ago and being high above the Hardanger Fjord in my summer hut.  Am I romantisizing?  In the summer of 1959 I cycled along the Hardanger Fjord and stayed in a youth hostel and had endless buffet meals of cheese and bread and other goodies of similar ilk 3 times a day.  I sort of think of peanut butter sandwiches.  One lovely early July day a group of us climbed up through the orchards and fields to go higher and higher above the fjord.  An ever unfolding magnificent view.  We probably climbed for a couple of hours, never reaching any particular summit – it was just a hike for the sake of hiking and when we got tired we turned around and came back down to our farmhouse/hostel.  Full of the joy of being…

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