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A Private Rant Goes Public November 22, 2014

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What I wrote in this blog post in 2010 holds pretty true in 2014. Interesting to read that this my turning point to try the Lutheran church.

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People keep asking us how we are doing, settling in to life in America, and more specifically life in Seattle.  Various impressions are swirling around in my head.  And my head is different from Ian’s, obviously.   So here we go – a few thoughts and impressions.

I/we have been particularly struck by the wide disparity of incomes here in the Ballard area (approx. 5 miles from the downtown part of Seattle), hence a close suburb.  I grew up in Belmont Mass., approximately the same distance from the center of Boston, and our home in Dundrum was approximately the same distance from the centre of Dublin.  One of the charms of Ballard is the great variety of housing and the owners or renters approach to gardening.  But what we can’t get used to is the amount of vagrancy, particularly along Market Street.  There are people who are decidedly disreputable looking.  Some…

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Bible Study at BFL November 20, 2014

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[picture of church]  Ballard First Lutheran Church

Since coming to Seattle I have been attending a Bible Study Group at Ballard First Lutheran Church.  Surprised?  No more surprised than I am.  It is a small group with a fluctuating membership.  It has proved to be very stimulating, intellectually challenging, and a good way of meeting people and feeling part of the community.

At the meeting yesterday my ears perked up when in the discussion of how we visualized God, the pastor (Pastor Laurie) pointed out that one vusualiztation could be of God as a KNITTER.  There are numerous references in the Bible to this effect.


jigsaw puzzle falls victim to knitting November 3, 2014

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IMG_4386 I’ve decided to just pack up this puzzle without finishing it.  I just haven’t found the time to work on it – partly because any spare time is spent knitting,  And the table where we have the puzzle is too low.  I was developing a sore back and the physiotherapist thought it was due to working on jigsaws at this table.

On a different note, there was a footer on CNN to say that one of the Cartalk brothers had passed away today, age 77. from complications of Alzheimers.  Cartalk started in 1977 and was taken over in 1987 by NPR.  The brothers stopped doing live broadcasts in 2012,  We used to listen to Cartalk every Saturday morning and had many a laugh over this crazy programme.


Scarf 3 completed November 2, 2014

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IMG_4359 Scarves 1, 2 and 3


Knitting is taking a back seat November 1, 2014

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I have missed the lawn bowling scene so much since our move to Seattle in 2010.

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I have had a very busy – and very satisfying – week of lawn bowling.  There were numerous matches throughout the week, culminating in the finals yesterday.   If you really want to see the full programme it’s posted on the Irish Lawn Bowls website.          program-for-crumlin-leinster-week.jpg  Check out the Ladies Singles final.  J. McKee lost but she was a “happy loser”.  I put up a good fight and was delighted to be awarded the prize for Lady Bowler of the Week.    janet-with-bowling-awards-small-size.jpg Home in the garden displaying my prizes.

My schedule is still pretty busy though and leaving little time for knitting.  We are getting ready for family visitors and I am going to music camp for a week so I have to practice playing my recorders.

I have managed to do a bit of knitting, not a lot.  I have been working on another pinwheel blanket.         pinwheel-blanket-2.jpg  

That’s about all I have…

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Mystery Photo

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It’s so interesting to review my blog posts written in the relatively recent past.

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 1983.   It took several enlargements to figure out what this dad (Ian) was doling out to his 2 older sons in their first term at boarding school.  It was a long time ago.

And in the same album I found this picture of our house in Dublin as it then was with a big tree in the front garden.

  one of the few flat roof bungalows in Dublin.

  We had even watched these bungalows being built – 1968-69

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The Good Old Days

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IMG_0006  my sisters Ruth and Nancy in 1950, ready so sail to Europe on the Ile de France



IMG_0002IMG_0007IMG_0001ruth at 85 with jackson stokesIMG_0004IMGA bit of reminiscing today – which we seem to do each time I talk with my sisters – both in their  mid to late 80′s.



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